And the Winner Is…

Had a pretty good weekend, on Thursday night I presented awards to young people at Dance City – The High Sheriff’s Awards. I did a short speech at the end of the awards, I spoke about some of the ideas that I wrote about in my ‘GOALDS’ post, and it seemed to go down pretty well which was pleasing for me so that I know I’m not just talking a load of rubbish all the time. I guess the trick to public speaking is to get the audience to buy into your ideas and to give them a sense of purpose and belief in themselves that they can take away and apply to their lives – I think I’m starting to get there.

Saturday night was CP Sport’s awards dinner and despite feeling fairly terrible, I spent a fair amout of time on the microphone much to everyone’s delight I’m sure. After handing out the Grand Prix awards, I was soon back up on main stage as a joint winner of the CPSport athlete of the year, along with Chris Martin – who also won silver in Beijing. It’s the 5th time I’ve won the award and its always a great honour. Me and Chris went on to do a question and answer session, which I started by saying I thought Beijing was crap ‘because I didn’t win’ – that got a few laughs. The highlight of the night for me – apart from the ’30 songs only’ DJ – was presenting coach of the year to my mum, Ros – or Rof if you’re the person who engraved the award – I nominated my mum and I was really happy she got some recognition for her dedication to the sport, and also for her great ability as a coach, which often goes unnoticed.


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