Congratulations, it’s a Horse

I reckon it’s time I had a good old rant about stuff, I posted recently about my concerns over classification in athletics and how I’m worried that the lower disabilities such as myself are being pushed out of the sport – Truth is that athletics isn’t traditionally a sport for the lower disabilities, boccia is the main Paralympic sport for people severely affected by CP, it has been for as long as I’ve known, so its even more worrying that this sport is being opened up to other disability groups who have a destinct advantage in terms of communication and fine motor control. Indeed in a new sport called powerchair football – which presumably was brought in for people who use an electric wheelchair – it is open to all disability classes, so the more severly disabled are being excluded from a sport that was designed for them. I sometimes wonder if there is a future for severly disabled people in sport at all, if the sports they can do aren’t protected for them, there won’t be.

I’m off to the Sport Newcastle Annual Dinner tonight and will be very interested to see who wins the main award, should be good crack anyway. Looking forward to the Cheltenham Festival which starts tomorrow, unfortunately I won’t get to see a lot of it but it’d be wrong not to have a few flutters – Kauto Star is the biggest bet for me, I also like Binocular and Master Minded.


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