Hard to believe we are already in March, looks like it’s going to be another whirlwind year. I had a pleasant trip to Buckingham Palace last week, I was hoping to ask the Queen if she’d seen the Facebook group about me not being honoured, but she must’ve known and craftily avoided me, as did her hubby. Prince Edward was happy to chat though after I entertained him at Windsor last year, he offered me some useful advise about how to get rid of my books – the free champagne was that best part though.

It’s been 2 weeks since my unsuccessful operation and still some massive decisions loom large. I know for definate that I need a new hip but it’s case of when I have it. In my current state I think I can train and compete in the club to a high level, it’s just a case of managing the pain in my hip. It may be that I have a replacement this year but there are many uncertainties that probably can’t be answered until the operation is actually done. I’m very much in two minds over this, which is unusual for me as I normally make decisions and that’s it, however on this I feel it’s just not as simple as people are making it out. When my hip is good I don’t have much of a problem but I can’t take pain killers for ever, and when my hip is bad I pretty much can’t move at all. The likely senario will be that I will compete this sumer and then decide whether to have the operation at the end of this season or wait until after London.

Quick note on Dwain Chambers’ book coming out next week – Don’t buy his snivelling, grovelling, self-pittying, excuse-ridden load of bollocks – buy my book instead!


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