Searches for this Blog

I’ve just been looking through the stats for my blog, I get a steady but not massively huge traffic flow, but the thing I find m0st interesting is the section that summarises what people have typed into search engines to end up on your blog, some of mine are pretty bizarre to say the least. Here’s a selection of my favourites:

– “stephen miller paralympian gay”
– “in a bad balloon”
– “I hate disabled people”
– “widdleplop”
– “widdleplop farm”
– “clubber tits”
– “susan hanson sucks”

If you typed any of these into Google, I really do hope you get cured, and if you are Susan Hanson, I’m sure you don’t suck.

Just to confirm, I’m only 40% gay, so therefore cannot be officially referred to as ‘gay’ – My legal people are watching!


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