Doping It Up


Here’s me with Derek, I went along to Dunston Social Club to help out with his charity night in aid of the Northern Gynaecological Oncology Centre, who paid my wages for a while a long time back. Derek raised over £3,000 doing the coast to coast bike ride.

I went to see Jimmy Carr last night and I’m pretty sure 99% of his jokes are unsuitable for this blog, and I can’t really can’t really remember most of them, but he did say that he couldn’t see the point in legalising drugs because it wouldn’t make them any cheaper – can’t argue with him there. It brings me onto the hot topic in sport at the moment – no, not the sickening amount of England caps David Beckham’s got – its the new anti-doping rules in force from WADA as from 1st of January. Athletes from all sports on the anti-doping register must now provide whereabouts including a one-hour testing slot everyday of the year, even when on holiday. This has received widespread criticism from athletes as high profile as Rafa Nadal, and threat of legal action from some sections.

I am on the register and have so far had no intrusions into my privacy, though I suspect disability sport is pretty low on the priority of regular testing. UK Sport have employed a system for a few years of supplying an hour testing slot for 5 days a week, and if you were on holiday you wouldn’t be tested, it seemed to work pretty well. Under the new system, even if you’re on holiday you have to supply a daily testing slot, which I think is well over the top and I can’t think of any job where you aren’t entitled to holidays. You also have to provide daily residence and training detail so you can be tested outside the designated testing slot, which I think is crazy – As Kelly Sotherton said to me, they might as well just tag us all with GPS.

Of course WADA’s response is to ask whether we want drug-free sport or not, and of course we do but is this really going to erradicate drugs for good? I’m not so sure. I know one thing, if the drug tester had knocked on my hotel door whilst on my R&R weekend in Belfast I wouldn’t have been impressed, but at least I know alcohol is a drink, not a drug.

One last thing, I wonder if Micheal Phelps had submitted his whereabouts when he was hitting the bong.


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