Active Berwick Awards

On Friday I had a nice trip up to Wooler in the depths of Northumberland to speak and present awards at the Active Berwick Awards night. I’ve been to Berwick plenty of times but never to Wooler, and it was a hell of a journey along a windy A road. Was a good night though and ex Scottish footballer Pat Nevin joined me to present the awards, it was an honour and a pleasure to meet Pat who was one of the first ‘intelligent’ footballers having attended University before signing for Chelsea, he’s a great guy.

Things went smoothly apart from the official photographer obviously not reading the pre-event press release and thinking I was a member of the archery club that me and Pat were presenting a Lottery cheque to – I suppose not everyone knows who I am just yet. A great job is being done in north Northumberland in developing sport with it being such a sparse and rural region, 200 people turned up for the awards which just shows how strong the sporting community is up there – well I’m sure they didn’t turn up just to see me. Will post some pictures when I get them.

On another note, I had a not so nice trip to Blackburn the day after Berwick, I probably don’t have to explain that one, as Newcastle got stuffed 3-0 at Ewood Park in the freezing cold, I really don’t know why I bother. However, staying with football I noticed that Stevie Black has been brought in by Lee Clark to work with Huddersfield Town. Steve was controversially sacked by Newcastle Falcons a while ago and certainly has interesting ideas on physical training and the mental aspect of sport – the latter is often overlooked. So I’ll be interested to see how he gets on at Huddersfield.

There’s a saying I like which is from a French film called ‘La Haine’, which is ‘its not about how you fall, its about how you land’, and after the year I had last year I’m starting to appreciate this phase even more. Because sometimes  things happen which are out of your control and you can’t prepare the way you would have liked, however it’s still possible to get the best out of yourself when you really need it – hence having a good landing. Preparation is a bit like falling, you are just getting ready for the crucial moment, but when you are preparing do you think ‘so far so good’ or are you never satisfied?

I know what I am.


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