Doctor Doctor…

doctorI feel like a pair of curtains. – Go out and buy some then.

Yes, I thought of that ‘joke’ all by myself, and yes, this is possibly the worst photo of me ever but it’s the best I’ve got so it’ll have to do. I wouldn’t care but they were taking photo’s of us for half a bloody hour in the freezing cold, the funniest moment was when someone gave me Victoria’s gold medal thinking it was mine – I was nearly off with it too!

This wasn’t a fancy dress party gone wrong, I was receiving an honorary doctorate in civil law from Northumbria University for my services to Paralympic sport. It was a special occasion and it was a proud moment to go back to Northumbria 6 years after graduating in Business Information Systems. It was a bit weird getting such a grand honour without doing any work for it, I don’t even know what civil law is but my girlfriend bought me a book on it so I’ll be an expert soon.  It means I not have lots of letters  after my name, I think my full title is – Stephen Miller Bsc(hons), Hon.Dcl.

Quite a mouthful but it looks good all the same. I’d like to thank Northumbria for their hospitality on the day, they were first class. Don’t forget to vote for me on Sunday night at the Sports Personality of the Year – oh damn, I forgot you can’t. Vote for Chris Hoy instead then.


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