It’s all going a bit crackers for me at the moment, I’m busier than the bizzies on Newbiggan Hall. Last night I managed not to blow up Blyth despite the dodgy looking plunger. With the help of Cacapa we got the lights to come on and start off the countdown to Christmas. There was a fantastic turn out dispite the freezing cold whether, and my hand is pretty sore from signing autographs for an hour in the Keel Row afterwards. It was a great honour and I hope I get to do it again in the future.

There was no rest for me as I sped straight off down the A1 to Hardwick Hall for the Local Heroes awards dinner, where I picked up a special award of Ambassador for Sport. You know you’re getting old when you get awards like  that, its really nice though to be recognised as a ‘sporting legend’, their words not mine.

I’m in Borders at Team Valley tomorrow (29th) signing my book ‘Paralympian’, so get your perfect Christmas gift while stocks last! Haha only joking, just come and buy the bloody book.


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