Turn on the Bright Lights

As the festive season begins, I’ve got a few exciting gigs coming up which I thought might interest you, for a few seconds anyway. On the 27th of November I’m switching on the lights in Blyth alongside Newcastle United’s Claudio Cacapa. Its really nice to be asked to do this and hopefully I won’t blow up Blyth. If you’re near Blyth, get yourself down and say hello.

I’m attending UKA annual awards dinner on 29th November, my money’s on Christine O and Mr Weir. I guess its pretty obvious from the poll on the right hand side that I’m not too chuffed with UKA for dropping my funding based on the fact I didn’t win gold in Beijing, I have my reasons for feeling hard done by which I will publish later, but it seems ironic that after funding loads of knackerjobs for the last 10 years they’ve taken a hard-line approach with me the first time I haven’t won a major for 12 years – just my luck methinks. Anyway the awards should be good.

Northumbria University are awarding me an honourary doctorate in civil law for my services to sport. Its very nice and I’m warming to the idea of being Dr Miller, but it feels like I’m cheating when people work their backsides off to get doctorates. Seriously though, it will be a special day when I ‘graduate’ on the 8th of December at Newcastle’s City Hall.

dsc01611My autobiography ‘Paralympian’ is still going strong, and I’ll be on the road trying to ensure that my book is filling lots of stockings this Christmas. So far I’m confirmed doing signings on the 29th November at Borders, Team Valley from 11.30am til 2pm. On the 20th December I’ll be penning my books at Borders, Silverlink from 12pm til 2.30pm. Don’t miss out on the perfect Christmas gift!

I’m off to Coventry tommorrow, not because nobody likes me, its to see a hip specialist as my hip is still giving me jip. So we’ll see what the verdict is, hopefully nothing too drastic.


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