Beijing Fallout Boy

Yes, incase you missed me on TV, I was in London two weeks ago for the Olympic/Paralympic Parade. Twas a grand occasion just as it was four years ago after Athens, trailing through the streets of London to the ovation of the public is something to make you very proud and humble indeed. Although it’s hard to fade into the background amidst Hoy, Addlington, Pearson and co – but hey ho I take what I get.

I’ve had lots of time to reflect fully on what happened in Beijing, and the magnitude of what I achieved has sunk in and I’m a very proud and satisfied man – It saddens me that some people feel that I didn’t do myself justice in Beijing and are disappointed that I didn’t win. Well I can’t change how people think but I know how hard I had to work and how much pain I went through just to get on the startlist for Beijing. I couldn’t walk for 4 months up to Beijing, then to throw the furthest I’ve ever thrown in a major competition was pretty unbelievable – 34.37m is my 6th biggest throw ever and the others have all been in open ‘stadiums’ (or fields) with massive following  winds. If that isn’t good enough then I don’t know what is.

To come so close to winning my 4th successive Paralympic title is sick, and people say I’m bitter for saying Mourad is in the wrong class, but it’s a feeling I have, and that makes it harder for me to take, I guess time will tell. I’m usually good at classification.

By the way – yeah I am bitter about it! haha grrrrrr


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