Depression 2

I’ve got a new
kind of depression.
The thing that
pisses me off is that
I don’t need it
and it’s not my fault
this time.


Old Perceptions

It’s pointless,
trying to explain
or even to assertain

With neon lights
blurring faces
and sound, so crammed for space
in these places.

You don’t have to be
a trained carer to hold my drink.
You might just want to speak with me,
god forbid even flirt with me.

‘I do this for a living’ –
she said.
I performed an invisible shake
of my head.
I need to get out of here
but then she disappeared.

Confused, I hope.

New Blog etc

Hi, I’ve started a new blog on here because  my blogger acount was a bit outdated. All my old post are here but I’m still getting used to the setup here, so hopefully it’ll  be a new start to my blogsphere venture.