Tight Tops

In my opinion I don’t look like a member of a boy band and not like David Beckham either, both often labelled at me. Just because I wear tight tops doesn’t make me gay either, they help sooth some of my insecurities – I feel like bits aren’t gonna drop off my body and don’t feel like the skinny boy I am. I have like reverse annorexia, I think.

With my leg still feeling like 5 weeks in a bad balloon, just come out of a heavy cold and head-butting my shower – I feel like something is against me, probably something to do with actively renouncing the exsistence of God but nevertheless I will continue to drag my body kicking and screaming and it will thank me in the end. I’m used to pain in training but the pain has never stopped me from doing stuff, which is why I’ve been so pissed off. I can see chinks of light now though and soon I hope to get back to what I do best – get people questioning my disability classification and my sexuality (joking mam).

Actually, people don’t read this stuff do they? Apart from mam and my mate Andy……… Oh dear, I better start writing album reviews or web development techniques or latest training tips, or interesting web links. What do you thinks?


Can’t think of any poetry right now. Much to everyone’s relief.


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