The Academy Is….

Crap. Yes that band are too, just like all these new indie, regional accent wearing internet bands, apart from the Newcastle based ones of course. The A19 scene is where it is at as far as new music is concerned, unfortunately for the one’s that started it all off, the Futureheads and the Maximo Park, they have done what Ian Brown told them not to do and have sold their souls. I was at the opening night when the Futureheads held together the creaking and leaking Carling Academy, and last night wasn’t too much better. The Newcastle Carling Acedemy is quite simply the worst music venue I have ever been in, it is a DDA court case waiting to happen, taking 2 key opperated lifts to get down to stage level it hardly seems worth finding a member of staff and then move everyone out the way because you have to do it all again to get back to toilet. Needless to say the lift weren’t working anyway, my mate then informed me the lights weren’t working in the toilet, a high class establishment indeed. The accoustics are terrible and it was difficult to make out even some of the Futurehead’s most famous songs and their new stuff didn’t sound great. So the verdict: The Futurehead’s aren’t the best live act but weren’t helped by the venue, however ‘Hounds of Love’ and ‘Decent Days & Nights’ went down very well.

P.S. Will the bloke from Maximo Park please stop following me round at gigs and get a proper job, also Englishmen in baseball caps is wrong.

The Academy 2 is however a much better venue and I recommend you get there to see Dartz! next Friday.


I’m sorry.
I wish I would, I wish I could.
I wish I could.


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