So I had to pull out of this year’s Paralympic World Cup through injury, it’s probably the first competition I’ve had to do so in my career so far. I wasn’t really that upset about missing it as discus is my second event and it was going to be tough for me to get in the top three. Having said that I hate being even slightly injured and I’m no stranger to competing with an injury but this one just got the better of me, must be my age or something. I might have been able to grab 4th place with the injury but that wouldn’t do me any justice. Also I don’t see the PWC as the great competition it’s made out to be, not for me anyway, it is good for promoting disabled sport in general but its mainly the more able-bodied competitors who walk and talk normally that get the media attention. As for me, I’m probably Britain’s 2nd most successful athlete but I shake quite a bit and talk a bit funny so the TV kind of tentatively disregard me, which is something I’ve come to accept but it is unsettling at times.

As for know I have to get this hip sorted, it looks like I haven’t done anything too serious so it’ll probably take a couple of weeks before I can start hobbling about again. Can’t wait to make the stairlift redundant again.


Why do I spend time getting girls to like me.
Then spend my time putting them off me.
Oooo time for a coffee.


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