It Don’t Mean a Thing

Hmmmmm…Oh the anger, another disability related outcry in the media, it doesn’t seem like a week can go by without one. This time, squeaky clean golfer Tiger Woods says he putted like a spaz at the US Master, que an explosion of right-group/messageboard-dwelling/semi-celebrity disability opinionists. Oh God they love it. I’m a pseudo opinionist too so here goes.

Tiger did putt like a spaz, I found it quite an accurate assessment and I should know after attempting to playing crazy golf last week with not much success. To be honest I think Tiger was being a bit harsh on himself, but the thing is that he was simply trying to convey his frustration at his performance to the media and public.

If he’d come out and said ‘I hate disabled people, they should all be shot at birth, should be completely socially excluded and frowned upon generally’, then firstly I’d be very suprized as it was a press conference at a golf tournament, but yes I’d probably be offended.

He didn’t say that though, he merely suggested that playing golf to the level of a person with cerebral palsy wasn’t acceptable for him, and I have no problem with that statement. I have made similar statements along the same lines many times, it’s all about expressing feelings and frustration about a certain thing, in this case a game of golf. It don’t mean a thing more.


Sometimes we see our reflection
in other people’s words.
Sometimes there’s no need for detection
of things that can’t be heard.


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