Summing Up

Things been ok lately, apart from having a cold. It’s not a full blown cold but I know it’s there. The book launch I went to was good, if not as exclusive as I had thought. The readers were very good, but it was quite funny when people kept trying to get in the bar when the door was locked and the fire alarm repeatedly went off. Was a very cultural night for me and we ended up sipping cocktails in the apartment, avoiding being spotted by angel eyes in the process. The book is great, check out

This latest offering is a kind of haiku, I get sick of people asking how my training’s going, it just happens, I do what has been planned and it’s the planning that’s more important than training. An old woman once said to me as I left the gym, looking worse than most local tramps, ‘did you have fun playing in the gym?. And I thought, we aren’t moving forward at all as a society, but we can always take comfort in our own truths even if we can’t express them to others. Personal goals are the key.




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