The Soul’s Right To Breathe

What is true liberty? True freedom? True Happiness?

Liberty is the soul’s right to breathe,
every living thing deserves liberty,
but it is not easy to attain.

Could it be loosing the sense of what you are doing?
When you forget about yourself and just live without constraint?
Is this truly consistently possible?

I believe not,
life doesn’t stay the same
and it isn’t as we expect it to be.
It’s beautiful.

There are periods of routine
and mundane, uneventful days.
Without these days, periods of liberty
and stimulation would be sedated.

Travelling fuels the growth of the soul.
Being in different situations,
having to communicate effectively
and being great company without the aid of technology.

I love the sea and the sky.
You can depend on them,
they are always there, consistent.
Humans can never comprehend their true size and power.

Routine strangles the soul,
so take your share of liberty
and try to do something
you never have as often as you can.


One thought on “The Soul’s Right To Breathe

  1. Little Miss Himalaya

    WOW….. This is so passionate and oh true. I can’t disagree with any of it, because I feel exactly the same. Lis x

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