Summary: Not sure about this one, just thinking about how care free and pure we are at birth. It’s good to keep in mind.

Born without fear,
no prejudice to blind us
only light to find us.

Pure in blood,
no concept of power
or money to offer.

Innocent eyes,
see everything the same
with no need to place blame.

Alive with amazement,
discovering the world around
by no possessions bound.

Thin concepts of love and hate,
crawling contently on earth’s surface
for education to deface.


4 thoughts on “Child

  1. JMA

    Hello Stephen,
    I enjoy your very rich, stimulating and ratiocinative poetry. However; I must ask if comparing your personal “struggle” to the struggle of Hitler is altogether fitting. If you believe this your struggle and his to be equivocal I beg you not to reach the same conclusions he did.

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  4. Stephen

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I hope you keep reading.

    I don’t see where I compare myself to Hitler on my blog. Although its important we learn from his insanity.


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