Hopes and Fears

Summary: I can’t help but knick the title of this from my favourite album, but it just sums me up at the moment. I can’t committ to new patterns of life and new relationships even though I want to. I don’t know if I can and I know I wont find out til I try it. Is it a crime that I want the girl to chase me? Is it worth hurting people to find out if you can move onto the next stage of independance?

Through the looking glass
I glimpse at my dreams,
holding on to the trembling ideals.
Inviting my soul to believe them.
Simple as they seem.

I’d like to be the beholder,
slip these chains from me.
Show me the place
where I can roam these sweet sensations
and taste the flavour of your soul.
Yellow water flows over me,
gremlins whisper behind me.
Staggering in grey aftermath,
hopes scattered,
paint the wall with my brains.
Lift me up again,
I want to fly with you
til we can’t see the overgrown gardens below.


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