Summary: Just some pouring out of thoughts following my trip to the USA for the CP world games and the bombings in London. Being in America just makes you realise how insignificant you are and how big the world is. When it comes to the crunch we have to be selfish and look after ourself and the people we love more than ourself.

Life in black and white.
Flowing stars and stripes.
Proud of what we are.
But in the end, what’s it for?

Life in black and white.
Filled with stuff you like.
Interests scattered so far.
Know now why I take the car.

Life in black and white.
So many people in lights.
How many do you adore?
Enough to give up more?

Life in black and white.
Nobody knows the right.
Show them the door.
Out of this colour-blind war.


3 thoughts on “Insignificance

  1. porchwise

    Sixmoon asks a very good question. I took the time to read your blog and, with the right title, you would probably develope a readership as you write and have supportive poetry that reads well. Can the title, it’s too offensive and will hardly ‘shock in’ many readers.

  2. Stephen

    Thanks for reading my blog. I’m sorry you feel that way about the title, obviously it will initally draw reference to Hitler, but I hope that from the content that it’s about my life and my thoughts.

    Perhaps My Struggle would sit better?

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