Perceptions and Truths

Summary: The world is all about perceptions and truths. We create perceptions to hide or distort truths that we can’t or don’t want to accept. Sometimes other people create perceptions for us and we start to believe them. Truths almost always hit home eventually so believing perceptions can hurt you a lot.


I’m being loaded, with angels and spies.
Walking around, with demons in eyes.

I’m held hostage, by perceptions portrayed.
Truths come out, by perceptions betrayed.

Can’t see the truth, for fears held inside.
Blinded in sight, for upkeep in pride.

Put me to rest, with words I long for.
Never to be seen, with feelings I adore.


3 thoughts on “Perceptions and Truths

  1. Stephen

    Thanks for reading my blog. I’m sorry you feel that way about the title, obviously it will initally draw reference to Hitler, but I hope that from the content that it’s about my life and my thoughts.

    Perhaps My Struggle would sit better?

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