Inbetween Lives

Summary: Does after-life exsist? If so what is it like and do our souls go on? Disabled people are said to have evolved souls. Is this an inbetween life I’m living this time round? As sometimes it feels like I’m not here and don’t take part.

Pure light, a time to reflect.
Pure sight, a time to detect.
Is this living?
Or just being?
I hope the lord is real.

At the end of this light, I begin.
Stuck in this plight, no chance to sin.
Can I evolve?
Begin again?
I hope my soul will be ful-filled.

Enhanced thinking, looking in on the world.
Exsessive drinking, to pass this time as sold.
Will I have learned?
Or be spoilt?
I hope I can carry out the actions I’ve planned.

Waiting to be delivered, into the dark.
Wanting to be discovered, alone in a park.
What is living?
As good as my dreams?
I hope I can take part next time.


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