Right or Wrong

Summary: After some deep thinking and getting sick of the news and debates over massive issues, I wrote this. In the firm belief that there is no right and wrong in the world and too much judgementalism and predudism. Too many people who think they’re right and can’t let things be.


Who’s to say what’s right or wrong?
What’s right is wrong to another.
It’s not ours to discover.

Look up to the stars,
there’s no right or wrong in them.

Why keep playing the same song?
Too intelligent for our own good.
Decisions not to be understood.

Look down to the earth,
there’s no right or wrong in it.

Do some debates go on too long?
Religion teaches the right values in life.
Values that ultimately lead to strife.

Look out to the sea,
there’s no right or wrong.

Does the truth know where to belong?
History tells us of evil sights.
Evil in the shape of white knights…..


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